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Share in the Spirit of ANANA!

Discover the ecological atmosphere of the resort through past experiences both from global travelers as well as new friends and locals.

Contained in these stories are explorations of Thailand’s nature, culture, and people—all without leaving the usual travel carbon print.

Unearth a few of our secret recipes coming out of the organic farm, new encounters on the river via an electric-powered longtail boat, or the exotic treatment in our salt crystal spa followed by sunset cocktails in the Sky Garden.

Whatever it is, you’re sure to feel like you’re already here!

We invite you to peruse the below articles, blogs, and opinions—as well as those on TripAdvisor prior to your trip to Aonang and ANANA, as we look forward to sharing the ANANA Experience with you as well!

Feeling Krabi? Here are 13 reasons you need to visit this Thai paradise

JUN 16, 2019

Here are 13 reasons to do the Krabi sidestep, according to Jane Lawson.

There’s a fine line between popularity and over-crowding when it comes to tropical paradise. Sigh. Fortunately, laidback Krabi, just a short flight south from Bangkok, or a skip across Phang Nga Bay from busy Phuket, remains a tranquil base for cultural immersion, quiet beach discovery and soothing jungle walks fuelled by signature spice and cocktails in coconuts of course.

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An Innovative Concept Resort in Krabi, Thailand

JUN 16, 2019

Framed by Krabi’s famous limestone cliffs and surrounded by luscious greenery and nature, Anana Ecological Resort has been designed and built in harmony with it’s natural surroundings.

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Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi: the new eco kid on the block

23 APRIL 2019

From a permaculture farm and jungle-dwelling gibbons to an electric long-tail boat and limpid lagoons, responsible tourism breathes deeply in Southern Thailand.

The scream woke me up. My unblinking stare searched the ashen haze of dawn. Silence. I slipped back into my slumber, until another siren-like yowl propelled me from my pillow. I staggered towards the window, eyes squinting between the crack of the curtains, wondering what on earth was going on.

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To be honest as I start to reminisce on my trip as I’m halfway through. Krabi left the biggest imprint on me. Maybe it was because it was a lot of firsts for me. First real big collaboration, first time seeing Thailand, first time getting involved with the culture and people, first time on a long tail boat.

It was a lot of firsts – therefore it’s a lot of memories left with me.

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How Thailand has made eco-friendly tourism its priority

MARK HARADA reports from TTM+, where he hears how Thailand is becoming cleaner and greener for tourists (and itself).

Success in tourism can be a double-edged sword. More visitors brings in more revenue for destinations, which in turn (at least in theory) leads to better tourism infrastructure and ultimately experiences. But with popularity come challenges. Like balancing tourism with environmental responsibility.

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